Queen Anne from The Musketeers as requested by a friend on Pinterest.

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The quirky, beautiful and adorkable Tom Burke. “call it magic…..” Lyrics by Coldplay. Graphic by me.

It’s a kind of magic with Tom Burke. Graphic by me.

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Athos in S1 Ep 3 - Commodities. Graphic by me.

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Athos and Ninon from The Musketeers S1 episode 7 - A Rebellious Woman. Graphic/coloring by me.

Graphic of Athos by me, character portrayal by Tom Burke in The Musketeers.

Athos graphic by me - quote from The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. Tom Burke looking gorgeous as Athos.

Athos - graphic by me - ‘Burn with you’ inspired by the song recorded by Lea Michele.

#Aramis - graphic by me.

cross-posting to my twitter - Athos - Lost Paradise. Graphic by me. What a lovely expression you have there, Mr. Burke.