Athos and Milady - “I made her what she is…” “Go ahead and finish what you started…and do a better job of it than the last time.” Graphic by me.

1920X1080 HERE The gorgeous Tom Burke! Wallpaper by me.

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The Musketeers - S1 Ep 9 Knight Takes Queen. coloring by me.

Desktop wallpaper of Eoin Macken that I just created for a friend. 1920X1080 HERE.

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A little collage of Athos played by Tom Burke - coloring by me because I needed to play with him after a busy day of working. Caps from episode 1 season 1 - Friends and Enemies.

Starting my design work day with a Tom Burke coloring graphic to kick start my creative process. This gorgeous new photo of Tom showed up over the weekend HERE. I just added my own touches to it.

I must remember to always watermark my graphics….ALWAYS.

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I made something! And tonight it had to be Arthur and Merlin. A desktop wallpaper this time. Full size HERE [1920x1080]

A little graphic featuring Merlin’s ‘Morgana’ with some gorgeous promo images from the up and coming season 5. #merlin

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My creation from screen caps of ‘Legend of the Seeker’ - Richard and Kahlan. #legendoftheseeker